Can you help me to merge your avatars?

Hello there,

First of all, thanks for your work!

I send you a mail because I asked a question on the Brasero IRC chat which said to ask it to you.

I'm Mathieu Goeminne, a phd student (at the UMONS, Belgium) and I'm studying the free software ecosystems. A part of my job consists in a merge of all persons involved in free software (including Brasero and Evince). I designed some new algorithms, and implemented others to try to detect real physical persons behind a mail adress, a svn login, a pseudo, etc. In order to validate my algorithms, I need a "merge reference", ie, a list of correspondences between all evolved people. I firstly did it manually but there are still errors on my reference.

Have you a correspondency table such that using it I can say "this person and this one are actually the same physical person"? I'm focused on the committers, mailers and bug reporters.

If not, have you an idea about a mean to build this kind of table?

Thanks a lot.

Mathieu Goeminne

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