Re: Versioned symbols for 3.0?

On Tue, 2010-05-18 at 20:30 +0200, Patryk Zawadzki wrote:

> > - It can only version functions, we still have have unversioned types,
> > properties, signals, etc, etc.
> It's only able to version exported symbols and I wouldn't ask for
> anything more than that. I didn't mean to propose dropping the API
> documentation, just making our lives a little easier.

That makes it useless though. If an app uses a new signal but not a new
symbol then symbol versioning won't detect that a new glib is needed, so
you can't trust it anyway.

Also, many times apps rely on e.g. a newer version of glib fixing an
issue with a function. That doesn't make the function "new" so it won't
get a new version (typically), so again the symbol versioning isn't

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