On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 10:24 AM, Michael Terry <mike mterry name> wrote:
> 2) I'm still curious to get feedback on other maintainers' experience
> with pulling in other regular developers once they became a GNOME
> module.  Frankly, I'm leery of the extra burden it would put on me in
> terms of bug reports and expectations-of-service.
> Though since the initial proposal, DD has been put in Fedora 13 by
> default and become a featured app in Ubuntu. I suppose I'm already on
> the hook pretty hard, and what's one more avenue of exposure.

Then you're already screwed. ;-)

Being part of GNOME doesn't mean much (in terms of user adoption)
unless the distros also decide to include you.  If you're already
being included in Fedora and Ubuntu, then you're already going to have
the "problem" of more users and more bug reports.

At that point, being an official GNOME module actually becomes
helpful.  You get the GNOME bug squad helping you triage your bugs,
you get gnome-love n00bs looking for ways to help and finding your
project, and you get awesome translation and documentation teams
contributing to your app.

You may or may not get consistent code contributions...but again,
since you're already in the position of being included in popular
distros, you're already screwed, and being part of GNOME only makes
contributions and early testing easier for everyone. ;-)

Hope this answers your question,

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