Re: Module Proposal for 3.0: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?D=E9j=E0?= Dup Backup Tool

Il giorno gio, 06/05/2010 alle 13.24 -0400, Michael Terry ha scritto:
> Hi, it's the maintainer of Deja Dup again.  A couple things:
> 1) I've been talking to the usability guys a bit about the UI in
> general and thoughts on a possible Profiles interface.  There's an
> ongoing discussion on the mailing list (though I think I haven't been
> terribly responsive in the thread) and a wiki page:

A really cool UI I've used for (simple) backups on extral drives is the
one from western digital.

The "fill bar" is really useful, helping you to visualize your backups

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