FooCanvas for 3.0?


As many of you probably know, GnomeCanvas is the only component that has
no replacement for 3.0 while being deprecated for some time. There was
kind of a discussion not to include any full-featured Canvas in the
future in the GNOME platform. 

However, in the current state nautilus and gnumeric already include the
FooCanvas sources. FooCanvas is a stripped down version of GnomeCanvas
with better integration into Gtk2 drawing cycle (according to Alex).
Currently we are discussing if we include FooCanvas in anjuta, too, to
get back the class-browser from anjuta-extras to anjuta. So, this will
make 3 modules inluding the source. In the evolution GnomeCanvas bug [1]
they also prefer FooCanvas, so I count 4.

Wouldn't it make sense to include this as a standalone module to be used
as a simple canvas inside GNOME instead of copying the source around?


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