Re: FooCanvas for 3.0?


Gnumeric does not use FooCanvas anymore.


Le jeudi 06 mai 2010 à 11:46 +0200, Johannes Schmid a écrit :
> Hi!
> As many of you probably know, GnomeCanvas is the only component that has
> no replacement for 3.0 while being deprecated for some time. There was
> kind of a discussion not to include any full-featured Canvas in the
> future in the GNOME platform. 
> However, in the current state nautilus and gnumeric already include the
> FooCanvas sources. FooCanvas is a stripped down version of GnomeCanvas
> with better integration into Gtk2 drawing cycle (according to Alex).
> Currently we are discussing if we include FooCanvas in anjuta, too, to
> get back the class-browser from anjuta-extras to anjuta. So, this will
> make 3 modules inluding the source. In the evolution GnomeCanvas bug [1]
> they also prefer FooCanvas, so I count 4.
> Wouldn't it make sense to include this as a standalone module to be used
> as a simple canvas inside GNOME instead of copying the source around?
> Regards,
> Johannes
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