Re: [Tracker] Shell + Tracker + Zeitgeist

On Sat, 2010-06-12 at 18:14 +0200, Seif Lotfy wrote:
> Looking at the mockups by McCann I am looking for a Tracker +
> Zeitgeist integration in Shell.
> Except for Frequent, and Conversations I think everything else can be
> done over Tracker...
> I would love to know how Frequent will be categorized... I hope in
> frequency you could cluster into "today", "last week", etc...
> I would encourage using Tracker to get the data on the desktop... And
> then when asking for frequent and Conversations to ask Zeitgeist.
> But as an alternative to ease integration I think Tracker guys should
> look into supporting our ontology... This way Zeitgeist could use its
> extensions to push into Tracker. This way Tracker will know about the
> events we have and I think it would make it easier for the shell
> developers to only query Tracker for frequent stuff etc... What do you
> think? We already have the extensions ready for you guys thanks to Rob
> Taylor.

OK, we will certainly take a look at the ontology next few days.

Feel free to ping us for review a few times, many of our team members
are quite busy so you need to conqueror our review time sometimes ;)

> Let me know what you think :)
> Cheers
> Seif
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