Shell + Tracker + Zeitgeist

Looking at the mockups by McCann I am looking for a Tracker + Zeitgeist integration in Shell.

Except for Frequent, and Conversations I think everything else can be done over Tracker...
I would love to know how Frequent will be categorized... I hope in frequency you could cluster into "today", "last week", etc...

I would encourage using Tracker to get the data on the desktop... And then when asking for frequent and Conversations to ask Zeitgeist.

But as an alternative to ease integration I think Tracker guys should look into supporting our ontology... This way Zeitgeist could use its extensions to push into Tracker. This way Tracker will know about the events we have and I think it would make it easier for the shell developers to only query Tracker for frequent stuff etc... What do you think? We already have the extensions ready for you guys thanks to Rob Taylor.

Let me know what you think :)


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