Re: Modulesets Reorganization


> The idea for the future is that we would like to change the vision
> people have of epiphany. Some time ago we decided to switch our engine
> and work on replacing gecko with a native port of webkit for our
> platform. Saying that this is hard work would be an understatement,
> but thanks to the work of many people and companies, including a
> tremendous effort by the one I work for, I think we are doing great
> progress in bringing this new crazy thing we call the web to our
> platform in a way that does not feel alien to it.

I see your point here and that was one of the reasons it put the "unsure"
in front of the comment about epiphany. If we create a user-experience
inside GNOME 3.0 with integrated web-browsing that rocks we very well
should include it.

Is there some kind of RoadMap for this or concrete plans? A quick look at
the wiki didn't reveal anything.


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