Re: Modulesets Reorganization


OK, as the discussion calmed down a bit I wanted to make some more
constructive comment to the new module organization. I feel that there
are a couple of (utility) applications that should be part of GNOME
(e.g. the Desktop module set). This is a subset of the current
application in the Desktop module even if they are not necessary for
getting the session up. I left out the things that are necessary to
start the session and I also left out accessibility but simply because I
have nearly no idea about those modules. Someone should add those

* bug-buddy (the point is that most distros don't use it so maybe we
should remove it)
* evince
* eog
* file-roller
* gcalctool
* gedit
* gnome-terminal
* nautilus
* seahorse
* totem
* yelp

These are the minimal requirements I see for a desktop computer to have,
whatever the purpose of this computer is. These should probably also
integrated tightly into the desktop so that the user doesn't even see
them as real applications.

In addition I would propose to have an "Applications" module where
modules are included that are
* Hosted on (git, translations, etc.)
* Follow the rules here
* Have an UI, documentation and accessibility  review if possible

It might be a good idea to create some subcategories here like Online
(evo, empathy, epiphany), Multimedia (rhythmbox, etc.), DevTools,
Photos, Utilities (hamster, etc.). This list should be reviewed before
every release and old and unmaintained stuff should drop out while new
stuff can go it. It would be OK to have more than one application for
the same purpose.

The "Applications" set should be rather strict in the requirements.
Better keep it small and good, but it would be a great place to promote
high-quality applications and not as abstract as "some promotion on the
web site".

Just my 2 cents,


P.S: Background of my proposal for specific things that may look strage
at first sight (some examples):
* evolution: Many people just use webmail
* epiphany: unsure. Most distros ship firefox. A webbrowser is definitly
a requirement so.
* sound-juicer/brasero: I had them on the list and realized then that
there are many devices without an optical drive.

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