GSettings schema paths: time to do some cleaning?


I was wondering what kind of schema paths should adopt during the
migration to GSettings. Old GConf paths feel really lame, since we
basically put everything into /apps, with a few general settings going
to /desktop. Only /system really makes sense. This reminds people of the
horrid Windows Registry's HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and friends! ;-)

If we want to choose a better way of organizing schemas, the time is
now. What about going with something similar to D-Bus,
with /org/gnome/my-app? This feels pretty natural, and settings would be
sorted much more logically. For most simple schemas, name and path would
be equivalent (i.e., which makes sense. System-wide
settings could go into /system.  Or do we want two top-level
directories, /user and /system?

The migration docs don't say a word about this, and Ryan told me he
hasn't planned anything for that. So let's discuss this before it's too


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