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Can you please elaborate why GAJ was not accepted...
We are still clueless :)

On Mon, May 3, 2010 at 12:56 AM, Thorsten Prante <thorsten prante eu> wrote:


GNOME Activity Journal is not a File Browser but an Activity Browser.

It uses the Zeitgeist Framework to display what you did and introduces a better way of quickly finding the things that you were doing.


Target: desktop



Zeitgeist (external)


Python 2.5





Resource usage:

Bug tracker:




We are waiting on GNOME git approval for a new repository at which point all resources will be moved to the GNOME Infrastructure.



Packages (at least) for Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora, openSuSE


GNOME-ness, community:

GNOME Activity Journal is a pure community effort with the only commercial backing being our last GSoC project and the Zeitgeist Hackfest in Bolzano 2009. Right now, we are 2 core maintainers, 4 developers, and 2 designers. We've striven to be open and visible in our development. This has also led to a steady inflow of new contributors.


Other notes:



Status and future:

The Journal is able to display all events of applications currently supported by Zeitgeist, such as:

- Totem

- gedit

- eog

- Banshee

- Rhythmbox

- Tomboy

- Firefox

- git

- bzr

- Telepathy

- vim

- ... Anything that pushes into Recently Used

We will provide a data-providers setup and management tool with our next release.


We are working to solve the performance issues on startup, caused by the amount of data that is being requested over DBus from Zeitgeist. Our next release should provide a proper solution.


There is a more detailed plan attached to our 0.3.4 release announcement [1].



On behalf of the GNOME Activity Journal team,




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