Re: Modulesets Reorganization

Il giorno mer, 02/06/2010 alle 08.50 +0200, Xavier Claessens ha scritto:

> > The long term plan for the GNOME applications that were removed from the
> > Desktop, Admin and Dev Tools modulesets is to simply highlight the high-quality
> > applications using the GNOME platform through our communication channels
> > (release notes, website, etc). There will be no "official" apps anymore and no
> > 'Applications' moduleset in the GNOME releases. The goal here is be more open
> > with the app developer community around GNOME and to highlight all the nice
> > things that can be created using our platform.
> I understand the difficulties to maintain an Application moduleset, and 
> the need to extend a bit the definition to more modules, but I don't 
> think this is the right solution.
> With that definition, Pidgin is as GNOME as Empathy then ?!?
> That means that GNOME applications could live in any VCS, on any 
> server/infrastructure, with any licence, etc ?!? That will be a mess.


Xavier already exposed my own concerns here, I just want to point two
more plausible issues:

      * translations - as Italian team coordinator I could say that in
        2.x cycle we was able to provide good (or even excellent)
        quality translations for GNOME Desktop due to the planned
        release schedule AND the inclusion of basic applications in
        Desktop. This reorganization makes me fear we'll have to spend
        more time searching when, where and how provide new or updated
        translation for new applications that will have a relevant role
        for user experience. See for instance the nautilus-imobiledevice
        that Bastien blogged just yesterday: it's on a "private" git
        repository, you have to generate the POT file by yourself, you
        have to find how to submit it (and anybody will be able to do
        it: bazaar[1] is beautiful, but sometimes not great for quality)
        in the hope developers will not add new strings just 2 hours
        before release it :|
      * external deps - the previous Application moduleset worked also
        to "prevent" applications to use exotic libraries as external
        deps. The deal was simple: "If you want to be an official GNOME
        application, then depends approved libs and only suggest other
        stuff". Now? Do we'll have some rule for applications that we
        will sponsor on

[1] not the VCS :)

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