Re: Modulesets Reorganization

On Wed, 2010-06-02 at 00:37 +0100, Lucas Rocha wrote:
> Extra Information
> -----------------
> We're planning to do the actual reorganization of the modulesets as
> soon as
> possible during this development cycle. The idea is that GNOME 3 is
> released
> using the new modulesets.
> The long term plan for the GNOME applications that were removed from
> the
> Desktop, Admin and Dev Tools modulesets is to simply highlight the
> high-quality
> applications using the GNOME platform through our communication
> channels
> (release notes, website, etc). There will be no "official" apps
> anymore and no
> 'Applications' moduleset in the GNOME releases. The goal here is be
> more open
> with the app developer community around GNOME and to highlight all the
> nice
> things that can be created using our platform. 

I'll mirror Xavier's problem that "Empathy would be just as GNOME as
Pidgin" by adding that the same problem would happen to Totem. Is a
video player that doesn't use GStreamer alright? Is a video player that
doesn't follow the GNOME Schedule alright?

We might have ended up with gxine in GNOME if it were the case, and I
wouldn't have started Totem some 9 years ago.

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