Re: GNOME 3.0 in March 2011

Christian Persch wrote:

> >    - add a --enable-gtk=2.0/3.0 configure flag: for some modules, it's
> >      really easy to do and it's enough. Frédéric did it for a few
> >      modules, and here's an example in gcalctool:
> >
> Just a tiny note: you say --enable-gtk, but the example you cited, and
> also all of my modules (vte, gnome-terminal, gnome-games, gucharmap),
> use --with-gtk=2.0|3.0 instead. Others (e.g. empathy) use
> --enable-gtk3 instead. I suggest we standardise on just one of these
> variants and use it for all module.

I would push for --with-gtk=..., if anybody doesn't feel comfortable
with autoconf, just ask and I'll help in providing a patch.


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