cheese module split-up

hi there!

as already announced several times this week during guadec, we will rip
out the awesome cheese effect files and put them into a separate GNOME
module. this way, other GNOME modules and applications, such as pitivi
or empathy are able to use the same effects as we do.

i copied over also the already done translations, so some effect files
are already (partially) translated. mostly, these are the following
languages: de, es, gl, he, sv, zh_CN, zh_HK, zh_TW.

you can find the effect files in the "gnome-video-effects" git
repository on the usual place [1].

i will update the jhbuild moduleset and the wiki page soonish, as we get
a new bugzilla component for gnome-video-effects.

the cheese mailing list [2] will stay the main mailing list for this new


[2]: cheese-list gnome org

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