Re: GNOME 3.0 in March 2011

libpeas relies on introspection, if introspected bindings and in
particular pygobject are not going in 2.32 then I am not sure it makes
sense to use it. At least for gedit, we do not want to break plugin
api/abi multiple times so we want to align the switch to gtk3, pyobject
introspection, libpeas and hopefully python3.

Given our resources the plan is to just have 2.32 be 2.30 + some
backported bugfix and in the mean time keep woring on 3.0.


On Thu, 2010-07-29 at 09:24 +0200, Frederic Peters wrote:
> In the specific case of gedit, there's the issue of libpeas, it is
> really your call if you want to start using it already in 2.32.
>         Fred
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