Using AS_ALL_LINGUAS instead of po/LINGUAS

hi all;

in Moblin first, and now in MeeGo, the UX components have replaced the
po/LINGUAS file with a nice little m4 macro called AS_ALL_LINGUAS.

the macro scans the po/ directory for all translation files and sets the
ALL_LINGUAS variable with the list. files can be blacklisted by using a
LINGUAS.ignore file.

I wonder if it would be worth to consider for the GNOME project as well,
as it simplifies the maintainership burden and limits the amount of
files that have to be handled by the translation committers.

to use the macro: just drop the as-linguas.m4 file in your macro
directory (the one you specified in AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR) and then just
call AS_ALL_LINGUAS in your, in the section where you
define GETTEXT_PACKAGE and call the i18n tools. and that's all there is
to it. :-)

the as-linguas.m4 macro was written by Neil Roberts and Ross Burton.



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