Re: Using AS_ALL_LINGUAS instead of po/LINGUAS

Em Sex, 2010-07-16 às 11:47 +0100, Emmanuele Bassi escreveu:

> I wonder if it would be worth to consider for the GNOME project as well,
> as it simplifies the maintainership burden and limits the amount of
> files that have to be handled by the translation committers.

+1 from me.

> to use the macro: just drop the as-linguas.m4 file in your macro
> directory (the one you specified in AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR) and then just
> call AS_ALL_LINGUAS in your, in the section where you
> define GETTEXT_PACKAGE and call the i18n tools. and that's all there is
> to it. :-)

Is it possible to add it to gnome-common?

Jonh Wendell

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