Re: (L)GPLv3

> Not true! For example, when you assign to the FSF, the papers you sign
> contain a number of guarantees. From an old version of the assignment
> papers (you should contact the FSF if you are considering using this
> language, as it might have been updated):
>     4. FSF agrees that all distribution of the Works, or of any work
>     "based on the Works", or the Program as enhanced by the Works, that
>     takes place under the control of FSF or its agents or successors,
>     shall be on terms that explicitly and perpetually permit anyone
>     possessing a copy of the work to which the terms apply, and
>     possessing accurate notice of these terms, to redistribute copies of
>     the work to anyone on the same terms.  These terms shall not
>     restrict which members of the public copies may be distributed to.
>     These terms shall not require a member of the public to pay any
>     royalty to FSF or to anyone else for any permitted use of the work
>     they apply to, or to communicate with FSF or its agents or assignees
>     in any way either when redistribution is performed or on any other
>     occasion.

And ask your lawyer what happens if the FSF goes bankrupt. Also btw in
many countries check copyright assignment is actually possible !

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