Re: Libtool versioning made easy (was Re: Converting libraries andpluginsto use gtk3

On 07/01/2010 08:15 AM, dmacks netspace org wrote:

In summary, I think the proposal simplifies libtool versioning to a great
 > extent and reduces errors without introducing major drawbacks.
How about a simplified set of variables that are still manually
adjusted? Something like:


when you change the interface (in any way) you bump I_C. When you break
backward compatibility, you also bump I_B. From those, easy to calculate
what libtool -version-info is sufficient to track SONAME and to handle
its other important linker flags.

To be really usable, we would need to use three version variables and let libtool, autoconf or someone to infer the other values from there.


This is the only scheme that would not require extent knowledge on how libtool versioning works.

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