Re: [Usability] On Ctrl+tab

On 15 Jan 2010, at 13:14, Jud Craft wrote:

> Not sure what you mean about "dialog-level tab".  Do you mean their notebook-style preference dialogs with the different pages?

Yes, but...

> In Mail on 10.6, I can tab between any of the pages/tabs in the preferences window, Accounts, RSS, etc. and the "tab" receives a blue highlight.  The arrowkeys actually don't do anything.  I have to tab to select a "page", then press Space.

Ah ok.  That type of preference dialog is actually using a toolbar, not a tab control, which does have the keynav you describe.

I was talking about (for example) the Universal Access preferences, which has four "proper" tabs (Seeing, Hearing, Keyboard, and Mouse & Trackpad).


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