Re: [Usability] On Ctrl+tab

On 1/14/10 12:20 PM, Calum Benson wrote:

Dialog-level tabs, as found in many of Apple's system preference windows, do not have any direct keynav AFAIK.  You just have to Tab through the dialog until the tab control gets focus, then use the arrow keys+Space to switch to a different tab.


Not sure what you mean about "dialog-level tab". Do you mean their notebook-style preference dialogs with the different pages?

In Mail on 10.6, I can tab between any of the pages/tabs in the preferences window, Accounts, RSS, etc. and the "tab" receives a blue highlight. The arrowkeys actually don't do anything. I have to tab to select a "page", then press Space.

However, in Thunderbird, tab does not work on the notebook-page-tab thing. I have to Tab to that control, and then use the arrow-keys (which don't provide any blue highlight feedback, but I can blame that on the imperfect xulrunner GUI I think).

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