Re: Module Proposal: PDF Mod

On 20 Feb 2010, at 17:06, Johannes Schmid wrote:

> Hi!
>> Would be nice to see it integrated in evince in some way, the problem is
>> that I am not sure evince supports "extensions" (like, for example, eog
>> supports) :-/
> Quoting from the orignal Proposal Mail:
> "Miscellaneous: People have raised the idea of adding PDF Mod's
> functionality to Evince.  Some good reasons why having them separate
> is best:
> 1) Each app is simpler this way; users can't get into edit mode
> accidentally and be confused
> 2) Quoting Evince maintainers: "Editing capabilities are actually out
> of scope in evince, see bug #314683."

Personally I'd encourage the evince maintainers to revisit that thought. Apple added simple editing to the equivalent app on OS X ( over the past couple of releases, for both PDFs and images, and it's both unobtrusive and very useful. Having become used to that, I'd hate to have to open a separate GNOME app just to rotate a page in a PDF file I'd opened in Evince, just as I'd hate to have to open GIMP to rotate an image I was looking at in EOG (which I don't, because of course I can rotate directly in EOG).


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