Re: Module Proposal: Rygel

On Mon, 22.02.10 19:05, Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) (zeenix gmail com) wrote:

> > Should we really keep the UI at all? The options offered therein appear
> > very esoteric to me, and a trivial addition to
> > gnome-file-share-properties that would just introduce one simple
> > checkbox "Share my Music" (and "Share my Videos", yadda yadda) seems a
> > lot more appropriate to me.
>   Hmm.. sounds right now that I looked at that UI.
> > I don't see why anybody would want to disable transcoding or choose the
> > interface to listen on (Rygel should listen on all of them
> > anyway...).
>   Agree on transcoding but not interfaces. We don't want media to be
> shared on public networks. The plan is to be able to select network by
> ESSID so user can decide where the media is shared (home) and where
> its not (office, cafe). Unless there is a better way to achieve this?

Oh, please don't.

This is absolutely nothing you should try to hack into Rygel. This needs
to be implemented system-wide as a simple firewall/profile selection
thing, possibly in networkmanager where you can choose from three simple
profiles ("home", "work", "cafe", i.e. trusted, semi-trusted, not
trusted at all, and whateever other profile an admin might want to add
in addition to those). You certainly don't seperate subsystems that
enable/disable rygel and apache+webdav+avahi independently.

Also, the ESSID is unsuitable for authentication.

We don't do this for g-u-s/apache either.


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