Re: Module Proposal: Rygel

On Mon, 22.02.10 14:29, Sergey Udaltsov (sergey udaltsov gmail com) wrote:

> >   Just because others do it in a particular way, doesn't make it
> > right. Although Rygel can be run as a system-wide service, the main
> > target use-case is that of providing services per-user[1] so for
> > example each user can choose to share his media on the network rather
> > than every user's media.
> That use case is perfectly served by samba - having ONE system-level
> daemon and multiple per-user shared directories (controlled by users)

Samba is software for big installations, and primarily used on
non-desktop servers.

tbh I'd find it quite useful if we could run samba from inside a user
session too, the same way we can run apache in it for gnome-user-share.

> >   Lets assume for a second that we want rygel to run as a
> > system-service, how does rygel then communicate to processes running
> > on session-bus (e.g tracker, rhythmbox, totem)?
> AFAIK the typical model is working the other way around. If these
> process have anything to say to system-level daemons, they "initiate"
> communications. CMIIW. Why is that model bad for Rygel?

It would be kinda weird if a system Rygel would share the audio streams
of a user PulseAudio instance.


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