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> The only comments I would make are:
> - The preferences UI is pretty horrible

I agree but I really suck at UIs so if you could list specific issues, I promise to fix them soon. As you recall you filed some bugs regarding this and I fixed them all soon after except for the one I didn't understand. BTW that bug is still waiting for your explaination.

> - The plugin API should instead be a convenience library around using
> the D-Bus API, which would make implementing other front-ends to those
> plugins easier. I guess it wouldn't be powerful enough for some plugins
> though, so maybe it should be an interface with 2 possible
> implementations, and the more powerful one having some extra
> functionality.

In theory I agree but in practice this will mean double d-bus round trips in case of tracker (a backend very important for maemo uses-case) unless/until tracker guys agree to implement the MediaServer spec. Last I talked to Ivan about this, he didn't seem very enthusiastic about this. :(

Regards Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) Sent from Nokia N900

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