Re: Module Proposal: Rygel

On Sun, 21.02.10 14:50, Bastien Nocera (hadess hadess net) wrote:

> - The plugin API should instead be a convenience library around using
> the D-Bus API, which would make implementing other front-ends to those
> plugins easier. 

With D-Bus API you mean

I thought the general approach to D-Bus these days was not to provide
any wrapper libraries but have clients use the D-Bus APIs directly,
with the native interfacing of their programming language/environment,
be that eggdbus, python-dbus or Vala's native D-Bus support.

> I guess it wouldn't be powerful enough for some plugins
> though, 

Can you elaborate on that? Which ones do you mean?

> so maybe it should be an interface with 2 possible
> implementations, and the more powerful one having some extra
> functionality.

Hmm, I am not sure I follow?


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