Change in Yelp dependencies for 3.0

Hi folks,

I want to officially announce how things are being repackaged for
Yelp 3.0.  This is still very much a work in progress, but it will
be in place for the first 3.0 development release.  (What are we
calling those?  2.31 or 2.99?)

I will be splitting gnome-doc-utils into two (and possibly three)

  yelp-xsl will contain only the XSLT stylesheets plus any icons
    or other data files necessary to convert documents.
  yelp-tools will contain the build utilities and the command-line
    tool yelp-tool (previously gnome-doc-tool).  xml2po should be
    split into a separate package, but if that doesn't happen in
    time, it will live in yelp-tools.

This split is roughly how Fedora packages gnome-doc-utils already.
Yelp is then being split into libyelp and yelp:

  libyelp is a GTK+-based library you can use to easily embed a
    help viewer into an application.  This has been requested by
    a few people in the past.  There's a good possibility that
    Xfce will base their help viewer on libyelp.
  yelp will be the application it is now, with far less code,
    because it will mostly be a libyelp shell.

At this time, yelp-xsl already exists in, although
yelp-tools doesn't yet.  The libyelp development is happening on
the yelp-3-0 branch of yelp.  It's currently being done in the
yelp repository.  I'll split libyelp into a separate package when
it's ready.

What this means: In 3.0, Yelp will depend on libyelp and yelp-xsl.
It will no longer need gnome-doc-utils.  It will also no longer
need rarian.

Any packages which use the build utilities in gnome-doc-utils should
switch to yelp-tools.  This will be a build-from- git-only dependency
for these packages.  I will make sure that yelp-tools is not required
for building from tarballs.


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