Re: External Dependency Proposal: libappindicator


> I would like to propose libappindicator as an external dependency.
> libappindicator is a simple library that provides a way for an
> application to put a menu inside an application specific area, most
> typically on a panel.  It also provides a fallback to generic KDE
> Status Notifier Item and Notification Area protocols.
> Webpage:
> Design:
> Tarballs:
> License:  LGPL v2/3
> Bindings: Python and Mono

I'd like register my immediate objection to accepting this as an
external dependency.

According to this work is covered
under canonical's horrible and inacceptable contributor
agreement. IMNSHO Gnome should not depend  on any work that treats
external contributors in such a way.

Also, why is this LGPL 2&3-only instead of the usual LGPL 2.1-or-later?


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