Re: External Dependency Proposal: libappindicator

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 10:42 PM, Ted Gould

> Q: Shouldn't this be in GTK+?
> A: Apparently not.

Huh ? Not a very helpful answer. If you are proposing an API that
directly conflicts with something that is already provided in GTK+,
you should really have a better one...

Looking at the api docs to get beyond license questions, I see

void app_indicator_set_menu (AppIndicator *self,
                                            GtkMenu *menu)

If this does what I think it does (proxy part of a widget hierarchy
over dbus), this is not a very supportable API. GtkMenuItems are
generic containers, you certainly don't support all the things that
people think of stuffing into menus. It would be much cleaner to
either expose the underlying dbus api or proxy something that is
explicitly designed with this in mind: GtkActions.


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