Re: Module proposal: GNOME Color Manager

On 18 February 2010 15:01, Andrew Cowie <andrew operationaldynamics com> wrote:
> In view of the fact that the Cairo graphics library community has no
> consensus whatsoever[1] on how to accomplish colour management, how is
> doing colour management it in a higher level library going to accomplish
> much?

It's not a library. It's a set of tools, one of which provides a high
level session-specific DBus interface for "Get me the default RGB
profile" and that sort of thing. Allowing the user to convert from one
color space to another is just fine, but without tools to build a
workflow, it's at best a technical preview.

> I note that Richard popped up occasionally in
> these threads, but the only thing we heard from him is about potentially
> adding colour profile support to GtkImage. Where did GNOME Color Manager
> come from?

The UI on top of making things sane. Think of it as a helper on top of
argyllcms and lcms to actually get stuff done, rather than a rendering
or conversion library like lcms. I'm still continuing to add to the
toolkit to support ICC Profiles natively, but it'll have to wait until
the next GTK devel cycle now.  See for more


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