Re: Orca and accerciser are not included on any gnome 3.0 moduleset

From: Frederic Peters <fpeters gnome org>

> I pointed this after the new modulesets were pushed, you can read the
> answer Jon gave here:

So I missed that because I'm not subscribed to the release-team ml
(solved ...). Thanks for the links.

> The relevant part:
> | >>  - caribou, dasher, gnome-mag, orca (accessibility)
> |
> | A few problems here with all of these.  They don't match the designs,
> | don't really make sense except as part of the core (universal access
> | requires it), don't work in/with the shell, don't integrate well with
> | other core components and technologies (i18n, input methods, etc).

What problems related with input methods and i18n has orca?

> | Much discussion about this at GNOME Summit.  At this point successful
> | a11y is really a non-starter with the toolkit support we currently
> | have.

Which toolkit was Jon talking about? Just ST? Because GTK+ is still
the most used toolkit on GNOME, and will be also the one most used on
GNOME 3.0, and the support is here, tested for years.

I know that GNOME Shell is one of the most important modules for GNOME
3.0, but sincerely, remove Orca, the main assistive technology on
GNOME completely from all the GNOME 3.0 moduleset just because:

 a) doesn't work properly for GNOME Shell
 b) UI it is not properly integrated on GNOME Shell

 sounds too extreme for me, as was constinuously stated that GNOME 3.0
users will still have a fallback solution on the old
metacity+gnome-panel (3d hw, accessibility).

Should it be a core but doesn't fulfill all the expected requirements?
Fine. But in this case, at least, IMHO, should be classified as an
app. Orca is the screen reader for GNOME 2.0, and it will be, in the
current shape, the one for GNOME 3.0.

And related with accerciser the other relevant part from that mail is:

|>>  - accerciser, anjuta, devhelp, glade3, gnome-devel-docs (devtools)
| These are apps, except the docs which make more sense to be available
| on library.gnome and not in a release anyway.

As accerciser was classified as app, shouldn't be included on
"gnome-apps-3.0.module" as anjuta, devhelp and glade3 in this list?


API (apinheiro igalia com)

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