Re: Module Proposal: Zeitgeist

On Thu, 2010-04-22 at 19:01 +0200, Seif Lotfy wrote: 
> However we do want to keep our development branches in bzr+launchpad.

That sounds reasonable.

The Java bindings have been using bzr since before GNOME moved to svn.
Needless to say we kept using it, and likewise skipped the subsequent
move to git.

We use Bugzilla, but that again is because a) our usage of it predates
Launchpad, and b) we don't use [nor does anyone need to] use Launchpad
for branch management [we don't use Bugzilla for patch workflow either;
we discuss patches on IRC and on our mailing lists].

I'd be tempted to start using Launchpad for code reviews — they're
getting pretty sophisticated — but the whole point of decentralized VCS
is disconnected operation and having to have an active internet
connection to get to some centralized website in order to follow through
workflow is a non-starter for most of us.


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