Re: Module Proposal: Zeitgeist


> No one ever said that we wont accept git branches. Anything submitted
> as a patch or git branch will merge just as easy as any bzr-based
> contribution. The only thing that may be more inconvenient is the
> "hack directly in trunk"-workflow that is inherent to the monolithic
> VCSs of old, but not so much of modern DVCSs.

git is meant for using branches but not necessarily for creating a
public branch when you fix a typo. People create patches against master
in bugzilla usually even if we could use pull-requests possibly but this
hasn't been used that. So making this inconvenient is breaking the

> But anyway, as you also point out (if I understand you correctly), if
> ZG ends up as an external dependency it should stay external to the
> Gnome infrastructure. And the fact also remains that Gnome is not the
> only project that has interest in ZG since KDE and the mobile
> community has shown interest as well.


"However, the external dependency mechanism is really meant to be there
for something that is already out there, that already has a stable
version that we can depend upon and that provides the features we need,
and that has a development community and process that are going to run
independent of GNOME. It's not meant for something that is being
cooperatively developed in tandem with GNOME features."

You turning his words round. Read the last sentence...


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