Proposing couchdb-glib and evolution-couchdb for GNOME 2.30


couchdb-glib is a library to implement the protocol to talk to CouchDB
servers (, a schema-free, json-based, database
of documents, which offers synchronization and replication between
several machines.

evolution-couchdb is the 1st module to make use of couchdb-glib, to
allow contacts from Evolution to be stored in CouchDB databases and
replicated/synchronized for free to other CouchDB servers.

couchdb-glib for the developer platform
evolution-couchdb for the desktop

couchdb-glib depends on json-glib, libsoup, libuuid and (optionally)
libssl (for OAuth authentication)
evolution-couchdb depends on couchdb-glib, evolution-data-server and

Resource usage
Source code is already in GNOME's git (couchdb-glib and
evolution-couchdb modules)
Tarballs are already published on GNOME's FTP
Bugs are right now in Launchpad, but moving them to GNOME's bugzilla as
soon as needed

Both modules are included in Ubuntu One service integration in Ubuntu
Karmic upcoming release, to provide contacts synchronization between the
desktop CouchDB database and the cloud-based services of Ubuntu One.

For GNOME 2.29, plans are to add support for calendars and tasks
(evolution), and, hopefully, also notes (Tomboy), metadata (tracker),
configuration settings (dconf, when adopted, if so)

Right now, everything is setup like any GNOME project, that is, it uses
gettext for translations, and should be accessible (almost no UI
involved right now, just a very simple settings widget for evolution to
setup CouchDB addressbooks).

It is not translated into any language though, but translators should be
able to start translating it straight away, since all its ready. Also,
couchdb-glib API documentation is missing, but that's one priority task
for the GNOME 2.29 cycle, whether the modules are accepted or not.

Bugs are in Launchpad, but could be moved to pretty
easily for the bugsquad.

3.0 readiness
No deprecated libraries or symbols being used. Also, the addition of an
online services infrastructure could give 3.0 another major feature to
offer to users, apart from what is already planned.

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