Re: WebKitGTK+ as an external dependency

Hey Will, all.

On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 09:58 -0400, Willie Walker wrote:
> Vincent Untz wrote:
> > Willie: do you have any idea when the a11y team would be able to give a
> > +1 for webkit? Being able to know it's okay as soon as possible would
> > definitely help us organize things.
> I'm CC'ing Joanie, who'll be the person doing most of the work on the 
> assistive technology side of the house.  Joanie has been plugging away 
> with testing and providing feedback while Xan has been plugging away at 
> the implementation.
> Joanie and Xan, how are things looking?  Given an assessment of the 
> known solutions so far and the fact that you two will probably be the 
> ones working on this, do you think this is something that might be ready 
> for 2.28?

Right now, my answer is "gosh, I sure hope so." :-) Admittedly, not as
good as a "heck yes!", but better than "no."

Where things stand as of today is that WebKit needs quite a bit of work
to ready as far as a11y is concerned. HOWEVER, I've arranged my DayJob
schedule in such a way as to be able to devote around 3 days per week on
the GNOME side of WebKit a11y, and Xan is already providing patches for
the critical issues I've identified thus far. So if we can keep this up,
and if we do not run across any really complicated issues, I believe
that things will at least be "good enough" -- and ideally "good" -- in
time for 2.28. But it is hard to predict the future, especially this
early on in my (active) involvement, hence my optimistic maybe.

Xan, what are your thoughts? Vincent and others, when do you need a
definite yea or nay by?

Take care.

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