fast-forward only policy

  I was one of the happiest person on this planet the day we moved to
git and i can't thanks the people involved enough. Although overall i
am pretty happy with the migration, I do have one concern: The policy
of disallowing non-fastforward pushes to any branch. I understand that
this is good for master and other stable branches, but otoh I think it
breaks the usual git workflow for feature branches.

  I had a little chat with Owen regarding this:

<zeenix> owen: hi, are we sure about this 'only fastforward for all
branches' policy?
<owen> zeenix: Well, if we had a way of figuring out that some
branches where feature branches not maintenance branches, then we
could conceivablly allow rebasing those branches
 zeenix: But not sure how to do that. I suppose we could say if there
are no numbers in the branch name it's a feature branch, but that
would make thigns weird if you had a branch 'bonobo-removal-2' or
<zeenix> owen: or you could make developer put some specific prefix in
the name of feature branches?
<owen> would be a bit ugly if all our branches were named feature-*
<owen> zeenix: feel free to mail suggestions for a policy to
<zeenix> ok, will do

   I am sending this mail here cause I thought it might be better to
have a discussion on this and so that other developers can speak-up if
they (dis)agree.


Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
FSF member#5124

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