Re: Trying a new toolbar style

2009/7/29 Thomas Wood <thos gnome org>:
> Hi folks,
> We've had a discussion on gnomecc list about removing the "Interface"
> tab from the appearance capplet (see discussion¹ in the archive for
> reasoning).

This could be a little off topic here, but I'm not subscribed to
gnome-cc, so please forgive me.

Reading that discussion it seems that only setting a "well behaving"
default, users will no longer have the need or desire to change the
appearance of label|icons in their desktop.

So, in 2.28 release we are going to change:
 * button icons
 * menu item icons
 * toolbar item icon+text layout
AND we are going to remove the only UI available to play with those
setting. This seems to impose only one behavior, not very user

> However, before we do so, we would like to ensure the the defaults are
> correct. The main reason for the tab being there at all is because
> people felt the defaults are probably incorrect.

To be honest and FWIW, I never changed the icon+text default; and I
was sure that Interface tab was designed to allow people to fit their
own needs.

About the "text beside label" chage, what about a11y? Is this layout
really better for visually impaired people (i.e. the ones using
HighContrast themes) or it will cause a sort of "visual mess"?

So, I'm not against the "text beside label" change, but I feel the
removal of Interface tab a regression. It you really don't want to
expose it in main dialog, move in Details.

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