Re: Qt as acceptable GNOME dependency

On Tue, 2009-07-14 at 04:52 +0100, adel wrote:

> now Qt can be plugged into the Glib main loop and uses GTK+ for
> drawing, if I respected HIG and used GNOME API, can my Qt application
> be consider a GNOME application or even be part of default GNOME
> stack?

Wow, prescient.

This question came up at Collabora HQ yesterday. If a D-Bus service was
written in QtCore (the base libraries and templates for Qt... a lot like
GLib) would it be accepted as a GNOME external dependency?

I said that I hoped it would. To my mind, accepting QtCore is no
different to accepting GLib. We expected KDE users to get over the
religious purity of refusing to use GLib, so surely we should expect no
less of ourselves.

The whole of Qt though, including the graphics classes... hmm that's
another kettle of fish.


Davyd Madeley
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