Re: Qt as acceptable GNOME dependency

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 9:52 PM, adel<netdur+maillist gmail com> wrote:
> hey
> now Qt can be plugged into the Glib main loop and uses GTK+ for
> drawing, if I respected HIG and used GNOME API, can my Qt application
> be consider a GNOME application or even be part of default GNOME
> stack?

For a module to be part of the GNOME stack, its dependencies must
either also be part of GNOME, or be an approved external dependency

To have an app that depends on Qt be accepted into a GNOME release
set, you'd have to propose Qt itself for inclusion in GNOME or to be
made an official external dependency.  And then you'd have to see how
community consensus played out regarding your proposal.  In addition
to the community consensus bit being difficult to pull off in this
case, you'll also note that extra dependencies, especially at the
widget level, have historically gotten a fairly rough reception (e.g.

So, currently the answer is no.  There is a process by which that
could change...but the odds of being able to pull off that change are
not in your favor, to say the least.

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