Re: Running GNOME in jhbuild session eat all CPU

Il giorno sab, 24/01/2009 alle 14.22 +0100, Wouter Bolsterlee ha
> 2009-01-24 klockan 14:06 skrev Luca Ferretti:
> > Now, someone has the same issue? And how can I try to investigate it?
> > The only evidence that something is going wrong is the X process CPU
> > usage :-|
> You could try looking (with ps) which Gnome-related processes are running.
> Then you can try to kill those processes one after another to see if there
> is a single process causing the excessive CPU usage in the X server.

Thanks, I tried to kill some processes, one by one, with no results. But
fortunately I started a compilation while `top` was running. The CPU
usage decreased 40~50%. 

That's strange: a CPU consuming task that decrease the CPU usage.

So, a with a little shining....

> Good luck, and let us know how it goes :)

It seems the high CPU usage come from, or at least is related with new
presence/idle stuff in gnome-session.

Reverting it to revision 5188 fix the issue.

Filed as bug 568989

Thanks everyone :)

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