Re: Running GNOME in jhbuild session eat all CPU

2009-01-24 klockan 14:06 skrev Luca Ferretti:
> Now, someone has the same issue? And how can I try to investigate it?
> The only evidence that something is going wrong is the X process CPU
> usage :-|

You could try looking (with ps) which Gnome-related processes are running.
Then you can try to kill those processes one after another to see if there
is a single process causing the excessive CPU usage in the X server.

If you find gnome-session respawning processes you just killed, you might
want to remove the binaries from /opt/gnome2/bin/ to force the distro
provided binaries to be executed. (Perhaps you need to fiddle with some
.desktop files as well—I'm not sure how modern gnome-session handles
respawning processes.)

Alternatively, instead of killing the processes, you might try attaching
strace, e.g. using "strace -p $(pidof process-name)". Perhaps there is
something interesting to see there.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes :)

    — Wouter

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