Running GNOME in jhbuild session eat all CPU

Sorry to write here, but I've no idea how to investigate this issue that
only recently is happening in my jhbuild session.

I've GNOME trunk installed with jhbuild under /opt/gnome2. When I log in
using the jhbuild session, the CPU average load is 98%, or better, the X
process uses for itself 98% CPU ; when I log in using the "distro"
session (ubuntu 8.10), everything goes fine (typical X process CPU usage
should be lower than 15%).

I've also tried logging in using the "vendor" session, start Xephir
as :1 and run `jhbuild shell && DISPLAY=:1 gnome-session`. The result is
the same: the Xephyt process CPU usage is 98%.

Now, someone has the same issue? And how can I try to investigate it?
The only evidence that something is going wrong is the X process CPU
usage :-|

Cheers, Luca.

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