Re: GNOME DVCS Survey Results

James Livingston schrieb:
> As I haven't really contributed anything to GNOME in a year or so, I've
> been keeping out of the debate, but:
> On 07/01/2009, at 9:00 AM, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro wrote:
>> Welcome to the open source world.  Generally open source developers are
>> not limited to GNOME, and they eventually learn 2-3 revision control
>> systems.  I mean, they don't need to learn a lot of commands of each
>> RCS, just the basics:
>>  1- Checkout/clone module;
>>  2- Update;
>>  3- Create a diff of changes, redirecting to a patch file.
> I also agree that many contributors do those tasks (especially
> non-coders like translators), and it would be fairly simple to have a
> small script that does those tasks for all the SCMs that GNOME hosted if
> it chose to host multiple SCMs. Something like "gnome-scm checkout
> git:http://host.xz/path/to/repo.git/>", "gnome-scm checkout
> bzr:";, "gnome-scm update" and
> "gnome-scm diff" would be a good start.
> This obviously wouldn't do anything fancy, but for all the people who
> don't have about SCMs and just want to make a small change it would
> work. Since it would presumably delegate actual work to the underlying
> SCM tools, it would also be an easy transition for anyone who wanted to
> start doing more powerful things, by allowing them to use the real tools
> on their checkout.

You want git and bzr support for moap :)


> If GNOME hosted multiple SCMs then it would mean that developers who
> work on a large number of projects might have to learn both git and bzr.
> Which I can't see as a huge issues because anything they maintain will
> be presumably in their favourite SCM, anything they only do a small
> amount of work on will only require the basics on the SCM, and anyone
> who does serious work on multiple projects probably won't have a problem
> learning another SCM. Is knowing both git and bzr a huge issue? I
> imagine that most serious developers here already know quite a few, at
> least CVS, SVN, Git/BZR and probably others.
> James (who is ducking back outside the flamethrowing-testing area)
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