Re: GNOME vs KDE vs Xfce vs Win7DWM vs Apple Quartz?

Le 16/12/2009 00:09, Pascal Terjan a écrit :

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 18:37, Uros Nedic<urosn live com>  wrote:
Could we make consensus which is the fastest desktop environment
or not?


Nice one, Pascal :-p

I'm going to try to explain what is behind this "no". Well Uros, I think you'll find nobody here to waste time for that. This kind of question is pretty much useless, because it's too vague and impossible to measure (and will always be a neverending debate). You can measure startup times, memory used, or time required to perform action A or B, or whatever, but you can't talk about "speed" for a desktop environment, unless you're talking of a "feeling of speed". This can't be measured and will vary from person to person.

Furthermore, benchmarking stuff is extremely time consuming, and to be accurate you need to test each candidate under the same conditions (same distro, same compiler used, same hardware, etc.). And what if the file manager from desktop A is faster than the one from desktop B, but the web browser from B is faster than the one from A ? How can you tell that way which DE is the fastest ? Put one person using massively the file manager and one other using mostly his browser, and they'll disagree completely on "which DE is the fastest". So if you really want to know, you're left to the old "Do it yourself" method. And you'll find out which one is the fastest *for you*.

But for me the best Desktop Environment isn't necessarily the fastest. It's the one that does the job (even better if it's fast, for sure).


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