Re: New module proposal: tracker

> Tracker will store this if the applications request storage of it. The
> issue of protecting the user's personal data is left to the applications
> using it and the underlying operating system's security features.

To a business deploying systems with this feature there are multiple

- Need to be able to keep personal data secure (OS problem mostly)
- Need to be able to search it (probably remotely) for data access
  requests (not really different to the situation now with pulling out
  emails and the like). Also the point of it is to index such data so it
  makes the job easier !
- Need to be able to identify the source of incorrect data
- Need not to be processing sensitive data (race etc) without appropriate

The last one is very much a social (company policy) issue but at the same
time having tools that are a bit "too good" at their job and collected
this by default would be particularly bad.

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