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Alan Cox wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Aug 2009 19:31:04 +0200


>> Let me know if that was a helpful description for you. I tried hard not
>> to sound like an old German philosopher ;-).
> One thing I couldn't quickly tell is whether you are always remembering
> the source of external information, particularly any externally acquired
> personal information about someone that is stored in the database. That
> may be important for business users who have to meet data
> protection/personal information rights legislation. Ditto that tracker
> doesn't start extracting and organising by anything like religious,
> medical or ethnic data whose processing is controlled in many countries.

So we're getting pretty deep here! I believe the current thought on this
is to use named graphs to tag statements with their provenance, which
then allows you to do access control and easily remove sets of
statements of a certain provenance.

A very acedemic overview of this technique can be found at

On a more practical level, there is a branch of tracker-store with named
graph support, but currently some uncertainty about its current
usefulness vs. extra storage costs. For our web service data pulling
we'd love to use named graphs to allow us to easily idenify and remove
data that we've pulled.


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