Re: Tracker, Zeitgeist, Couchdb...where is the problem ?

On Tue, 2009-08-18 at 16:48 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> I think this recent discussion about tracker as a gnome module is
> somewhat backwards. I don't think it is leading us anywhere to talk
> about ontologies and rdf and events and timelines and metadata stores
> and kernel apis before we answer the first question:
> What is the user problem that we are solving here ?
> Can that be described in a paragraph ?
> And if it can, is it something that a 'regular' user would recognize
> as a problem he has on his computer ?
> Once we have the problem scoped out, we need to look at the user
> experience we want to aim for in solving it. Will it be a single
> search-for-everything dialog ? A query language ? Tagging everywhere ?

Excellent suggestion, thanks for bringing some order to this thread
Matthias. But kinda sad to see people reply to this with technology
evaluations - I mean, COME ON PEOPLE, the point here is to IGNORE
technology until we've figure out

 1. what problems we want to solve for the user

 2. the user experience

So, everyone, please refrain from even thinking about mentioning
specific projects like tracker, couchdb, zeitgeist, nepomuk, whatever
etc. in this thread. Thanks.

> After that, it might be possible to evaluate whether tracker,
> zeitgeist, couchdb or something else can be part of the
> implementation...

Suggest to do this in a new thread.


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