Re: Tracker, Zeitgeist, Couchdb...where is the problem ?

Le mardi 18 août 2009 à 17:01 -0400, Colin Walters a écrit :
> Tracker the arguments are more complex; I think what they're
> effectively arguing is not that one individual use case but more the
> network effects from having all of them in one database ("where did I
> put that download from the email from Nancy" maybe?).  I'm not sure.
> But I won't attempt to summarize the previous thread.  I would like to
> see some sample UI though in something.

Well, that sole sentence summarizes the previous thread.

Tracker looks like great technology, but we need to see it in action
before putting it blindly in the desktop. If only 3 of all possible
Tracker uses were implemented in existing desktop applications, we would
be able to clearly tell whether it is worth including.

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